Welcome to IAE – NEPAL

Institute of Automotive Engineers (IAE- Nepal)

IAE-Nepal is a place where assist you to get to a safety. We assist various road.

We conduct various workshop regarded to automobiles at any time any where

and any brands. We got professionals from Automobile sector. We got best of

the best people in organization. It is an Nonprofit organization.

June 20, 2016


Our Roadside Assistance Partners network helps thousands of customers a year over Nepal. They provide an extensive list of services including: break down coverage, flat tires, recovery,journey continuation, towing, fuel delivery, battery replacement,  lock up services and more. We have 28 stations over Nepal to provide quality Roadside Assistance Service.Our extensive network of local Roadside Assistance Partners handles thousands of cases each year. clients can accessthe best roadside assistance services, wherever and whenever they the need it. Our partners ensure you are looked after from the moments your car breakdown of is involved in an accident to moment it returned to you. Thanks to the sharing of innovative technologies throughout the network, our Partners can acchieve significant cost savings, helping to refine our processes an ex


This Institute mainly performs under following headings:

– To transfer Skills, Knowledge & Idea.

– Introduction of worldwide new technology in Nepal

– Exposure of Nation/International to Nepalese Engineers & Technicians

– Research & development of automotive & Lubricant products in Nepal

– To publish newsletters, journals, booklets & relevant information

– To conduct Training, Seminar & conference at National & International Level

– Professionalization & Academization in Automotive industry specially technical sector

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Welcome to IAE Nepal

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